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round wreath made with faux white eucalyptus branches, pinecones and white mini pumpkins

I love making wreaths, especially for fall, but this year I tried to think outside the box and go with a different color scheme. I’m really happy with what I came up with using faux white eucalyptus, some pinecones, and little white pumpkins.

While making this wreath, I had to suspend reality for a bit and imagine that it was a cool, crisp fall day and my fireplace was giving off a cozy, warm glow. It was a little hard to believe, though, considering it was about 95 degrees outside my house, and my air conditioning was on full blast. I’m trying to keep myself from wilting beneath my hot glue gun. Soon it will be a cool, crisp fall day, and all my DIY fall decorations will be on display in my cozy, warm house.


Anyway, when I was looking online for the faux white eucalyptus, I also came across Lunaria (also known as the silver dollar plant) that you could use in it’s place.  I really loved the look of these faux branches, and they would look really pretty used for a winter wreath, as well. So, don’t be surprised if you see them popping up again in my blog for a Christmas wreath later this year.

On a side note, don’t you just love how the word “faux” is now the fancy word for “fake” in all of the crafty materials? Faux flowers, faux greenery, faux fur.

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I’m going to list the materials, below, along with a link for each of the items so you can purchase them and make this yourself.


1 Wire Form Wreath – 12 inches

Burlap Ribbon

Burlap Ribbon – 6 inches wide

Hot Glue Gun

Pinecones – Approx. 1.5 to 2.5 inches

White Foam 2” mini pumpkins

Artificial White Eucalyptus Branches (I purchased 2 pkgs of 5 branches, each)

Folk Art Acrylic Chalk Paint – Sage

Paint Brush

Wire Cutters (for clipping the branches of eucalyptus apart)


  • Wrap the burlap ribbon around the wire form wreath, securing with hot glue. I wrapped it around completely to cover all of the wire.
a round, wire wreath being wrapped with burlap and hot glued in place
Wrapping the wire wreath with burlap and hot gluing in place
  • Using wire cutters (or scissors), clip the bunches of eucalyptus, separating each into single branches.
  • Tuck each single branch, one at a time, into the burlap. Make sure you have them all running in the same direction. After you have finished tucking them all into the wreath, go back and add hot glue to the stem of each one so they are secured.
round wreath covered in burlap and white eucalyptus being hot glued around it
Tucking the branches of white eucalyptus in place
  • For the pinecones, using a paintbrush, dab a little bit of the sage paint onto just the outside edges of the scales. I used 5 pinecones in my wreath, but you can use as many as you like.
small pinecone with tips of scales painted light blue and 2 white, mini pumpkins next to it
I painted the edges of the pinecone scales with a sage chalk paint
  • Using hot glue, secure your pinecones onto the wreath.
  • Using hot glue, secure your pumpkins onto the wreath, using as many as you like. I used 4 of the pumpkins on my wreath in the photo, but I went back and added one more. When decorating, it’s always best to use odd numbers.
pile of white mini foam pumpkins
close up photo of white eucalyptus wreath with pinecones and mini white pumpkins
  • Take a 4-5 inch piece of narrow ribbon, and glue it in a loop on the back of the wreath so that you can hang it. It doesn’t matter what ribbon you use, because it won’t show.
white eucalyptus wreath with small pinecones painted light blue on edges of scales and mini white pumpkins glued around wreath

Some variations to this wreath:

  • Use more pinecones and add dabs of white paint to some of them, alternating with the sage.
  • Paint some of the pumpkins with the sage chalk paint.
  • Paint some faux maple leaves with white or sage, and add them around the pinecones or pumpkins.
  • Use orange pumpkins and dab orange paint on the edges of the pinecones or just leave the pinecones in their natural state.

This wreath is very simple, but I think that’s the beauty of it. I looked at some of this season’s fall wreaths at Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, etc., and most of them were at least $75-$100. You can definitely get a larger form wreath and add more of the eucalyptus branches if you want to hang it over a fireplace mantel or if you have a large area you want to decorate.

I think the fun of making a wreath lies in the fact that you can add as many or as few decorations that you like. I’m going to be sharing more fall wreath ideas with you in the weeks to come. Some will be more elaborate, but this one is definitely a favorite of mine.

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Premade Wreaths

If you would rather purchase a wreath, I found some pretty ones online that won’t break the bank, and I will feature a few below.

White Wreath

Autumn Eucalyptus Wreath

Autumn Eucalyptus Wreath with Pinecones

Thank you for stopping by my website and reading my words. I hope that this post helped to inspire you to try something new with your fall decorations this year. Maybe you will even want to celebrate fall with some non-traditional colors!

Xoxo Teresa

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