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grapevine wreath with fall colored maple leaves, flowers and mini pumpkins glued on left side and a plaid brown and orange bow glued to the right side
Fall Wreath

It may seem like I’m jumping the gun with this Easy Fall Decorations To Make post, however, if you go into most stores, like Dollar Tree, right now, you’ll not only see fall decorations, but you can also find Halloween decorations. Besides, fall is my favorite season, so as soon as I find it acceptable to start planning for it, I’m all in!

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As mentioned in the title of this post, most items used in these decorations were purchased from Dollar Tree, however, I know that not everyone has a Dollar Tree near them. I have included Amazon links for most of the supplies, when I could find the supply or a similar substitute available on the Amazon website. The items with links will appear blue and will be underlined. You can click on the link and it will take you directly to the Amazon product.

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain other affiliate links that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission from. Read full privacy policy here.

Little Pumpkin Planters

2 wooden pumpkins - 1 painted greenish and one painted cream with orange, red, and yellow faux flowers coming out of the top

Materials Needed

Last week I went to my local Dollar Tree and was excited to see what they had this year. I loved these new little pumpkin wooden holders. I know that’s not what they are probably called, but I don’t really know what to call them. I guess they could be pencil holders? Anyway, I used them as little planters for some silk flowers, and I think they are adorable.

natural colored wooden pumpkin with a few cutouts of  the wood next to faux fall leaves and orange /red small flowers


To make them, I first painted them with some matte acrylic paint. I used a cream color and a sage green color. I took some floral foam bricks, and, using an Exacto knife, I cut them to the size of the opening and then hot glued them in place. Some of the orange, yellow, and red little flowers that I bought at Dollar Tree would look cute, so I used a wire cutter to make the stems shorter. After that, I stuck them into the floral foam, and that was it! These turned out so cute.

Pumpkin Sign

wooden rectangular sign with sunflowers painted on each side of sign; 2 larger flat wooden pumpkins painted orange are glued on sign with multi colored faux maple leaves glued between pumpkins

Materials Needed

For this larger hanging, I used a few different items put together. The sign, itself, was cute, but the writing on it was a brownish colored glitter, and it didn’t really fit in with my other decorations this year. I originally was going to just paint on the back of the sign, because I like the size and shape of the wood, but then I had another idea.


I took 2 of the large wooden pumpkins with detailed wooden pieces on them and painted them orange.

wooden sign with the words Happy Harvest in brown glitter in the center of sign; painted sunflowers on each side of sign and 2 larger flat wooden pumpkins painted orange are below the sign
This was the original sign and the pumpkins when they were painted with only orange paint

However, after I painted them orange, they just looked TOO orange, and just didn’t have enough depth to them. It seemed like they needed something more.

white bowl with watered down brown paint and a foam paint brush in the bowl,; 2 orange wooden pumpkins next to it
This was the brown paint that I mixed with water to act as a stain

Anyway, to give the pumpkins something extra, I mixed some brown paint with water to make a faux stain. Using a sponge paintbrush, I covered all of the orange paint with this stain and then blotted it off with a paper towel. I did this a few times until I liked the achieved look. Then I used my hot glue gun to glue the pumpkins to the sign, being careful to cover the glitter writing and also to leave some of the pumpkin background on the sides.

Next, I Embellished

This looked great, but there was glitter showing in between the two pumpkins, so to cover that up, I took some of the maple leaves that I also bought at Dollar Tree. I think the final product looks really cute, and I’m looking forward to hanging it up.

wooden sign with 2 orange pumpkins on front with faux multi colored maple leaves between them
The finished product

Fall Wreath

grapevine wreath with red, yellow, and orange small faux flowers and small orange and cream pumpkins glued on left side of wreath; plaid brown and orange bow on right side
Fall Grapevine Wreath

Materials Needed


My third fall decoration is an oldy but a goody, the ever-popular wreath. I actually bought this vine wreath from Amazon. For this wreath, I was going to go all around it with the same flowers I used in the first project, above, but after I started, I really liked how it looked leaving the flowers on only a portion of the wreath. So, onto a little less than half of the wreath, I hot glued some of the flowers, some of the leaves that came with the flowers, and a few mini pumpkins.

On the opposite side of the wreath, I simply glued on a premade bow I found at Dollar Tree and called it a day. I love it.

Mini Shadow Box

small wooden white shadow box painted white with green and red maple leaves, faux red berries and faux red and orange flowers glued to the inside front

Materials Needed

small wooden shadow box being painted white, white bowl of white paint and bottle of white paint


The final decoration I made was easy to make and just a simple design, but I love the simplicity of it! I took a small wooden shadowbox-style frame from the art aisle at Dollar Tree, and I painted it white. Then I simply glued in a couple of faux maple leaves, a couple of flowers, and some faux berries. It’s a cute, 3D, fall hanging, or you could just set it on a table in your entryway or maybe up against a wall on your kitchen counter. The nice thing is that it doesn’t take up a lot of room, but it’s still a fall decoration. Easy peasy.

Think outside of Box

I’m going to be making many more fall decorations over the next few weeks, but this was just a small taste to get you started. There are probably other small things that you already have around your house that you can use for fall decorations.

First, think about what color palette you want to work with. It can be the traditional colors of red, orange, and yellow, but maybe you want to try something different, like a mossy green, orange, and cream, or maybe a burgundy, yellow, and cream. It’s best to try to work with about 3 colors, but don’t keep yourself limited by traditional fall colors.

pile of small pumpkins and gourds in orange, white and green

Look through things like placemats or table runners that you already have. Or maybe you have some throw pillows in this fall color palette that are on a bed in your spare bedroom and a throw blanket in one of the colors that you chose is folded in your closet. And don’t forget about the paint. You can always take decorations from last year and paint them a new color, and suddenly it’s like a totally new item.

I hope this post helped you get inspired or at least start thinking about how you want to decorate for fall this year. I hope you are celebrating something fun this week.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and reading my words.

Xoxo Teresa

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