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I Love the Colors of Fall!

Time For Fall – Finally!

I can’t wait to show you some easy fall decorating ideas that you can DIY at home. Believe me when I tell you they are simple and inexpensive!

It’s happening – the air is really turning, and I’m feeling fall getting closer. I know this because today when I had to go out to the backyard with my dog at 6:30 a.m., I needed a bathrobe because it was chilly! It was a refreshingly cool temperature, compared to the heat wave we are just coming out of. Maybe that’s the last we’ll see of triple digit temperatures this year. Dare to dream!

With the lower temperature, comes a desire to start decorating my house for the new season. I’m going to show you how a few small decorative changes can make a big impact on your home.

First, as promised, I want to show you a few very easy decorations you can make yourself.


If you’ve been following my posts and/or videos, you’ve probably noticed that I love making wreaths. They are fairly cheap to make, they don’t take a long time, you can use them indoors or on your front door, and they can make a big impact. This wreath looks very similar to one I saw on Pottery Barn’s website, but it’s a fraction of the price.

Start With the Basics
Add Foliage First Before Moving On To Other Items

A grapevine wreath is a good base for this particular wreath. I used some faux flowers, maple leaves, mini-pumpkins, and some small pinecones. I used bright fall colors, with reds and oranges. I’m so happy with the way this one came out.

Completed Wreath

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Grapevine Wreath

Faux Flowers in Red, Orange, Yellow (this link is for Amazon, but I just got my flowers from Dollar Tree)

Maple Leaves in Fall Colors

Foam Mini-Pumpkins


Hot Glue Gun


  • Start by tucking the stems from the flowers and leaves into the grapevine, and then use your glue gun to secure them in place. Go around your wreath using the flatter items (such as leaves and flowers).
  • Then, go back and add the pumpkins and pinecones. It will help you get a feel for where you want to place the pumpkins and pinecones when you have a base of the leaves and some flowers first.
  • The beautiful thing about this wreath (and most wreathes) is that you can use the photos of mine as a guide, but you can really make it your own depending on the materials you have on hand and your preferences.


The maple leaf garland was made using glittery maple leaves that I got from Dollar Tree. They came in sets of 3 and they came with a little clip on the back of each one.

Tule and Glittery Maple Leaves
Fall Fireplace Mantel


Glittery Maple Leaves with Clips (I got these about a month ago at Dollar Tree)

Jute Twine


  • I took some jute twine and taped one end to the end of my fireplace mantel and then cut it when I liked the amount of slack I had in the twine and taped the second end to the mantel.
  • From there, I clipped one maple leaf in the center of the twine, then clipped one on either side at the same distance from the center and continued that until I was using the number of leaves I liked on the garland. Super simple and super cheap!

The other items I added to my mantle were a wreath and pumpkin planters from a previous post on making fall décor from Dollar Tree items, linked HERE.


Silver tray with pumpkins

I really believe in using what you have when it comes to decorating. You don’t have to go out and buy fancy new decorations for every season or every holiday.

This decoration has no instructions and I can’t even really give you a list of materials. The silver platter came from a flea market that they have every summer weekend in my home town. I got lucky and got 2 very pretty silver platters for $15. The ceramic pumpkins were from Dollar Tree. The center pumpkin, however, is glass-blown and was a gift from my son. I display it year round and call it my Cinderella Pumpkin because it reminds me of the coach made from a pumpkin that carried Cinderella to the Ball. What can I say… I have an active imagination.

The beautiful table runner was one that my husband picked up for me at an estate sale for a couple dollars. It’s from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and even came in the original packaging. You never know when you’re going to find a treasure at a garage sale, flea market or estate sale!


For this decoration, I used a 2-tiered serving platter. If you have a cupcake holder, you can use that. The one I’m using is wooden and I can change the decorations on it each season or holiday, simply by using things I already have at home.

2-Tiered Serving Tray with Fall Decorations

2-Tiered Serving Tray Link (I’m linking the same one that I bought, shown above)

I have quite a few mini-pumpkins made from different materials and they are all muted colors. The pumpkins you see that are a bluish-grey color were originally bright orange, but since the rest of the pumpkins were muted colors, I just painted them with matte paint. On the top tier, you might recognize the little framed maple leaf hanging that I made in the post I had written about using all Dollar Tree items for fall decorations. I’ll give you the link HERE so you can go back and check it out.


When my husband and I were first married, we lived in Boston, where he was a medical student and I had a corporate job that paid the bills but didn’t leave a lot of room for non-necessities. We lived on a very tight budget. After he graduated, we moved back to California for him to do his three year Residency training, and we decided to start our family, so I stayed home and we lived off his low salary. Again, we were on a tight budget. I wouldn’t trade those lean first 7 years of marriage for anything, because amongst a million other things, I really learned that I could decorate by using very little money.


A lot of my readers are young women starting out their lives and living on a tight budget, but I promise that you can still make you home look festive and homey. As time goes on, you’ll realize that you can basically “shop around” your own home! What I mean by that is that you can walk around your house and try to look with new eyes at things you already have.

Maybe you have different candles in different colors and/or sizes. You can take a serving tray or platter and put a cluster of candles on it, and this will be a whole new centerpiece on your coffee table. If you have a single placemat that has fall colors on it, put that under your serving tray and BOOM, you have a fall centerpiece.

I hope something in this post helps you get creative with some homemade decorations you’ve seen here, or maybe you will be inspired to “shop around” in your own home and change things around. Either way, I hope you find something great to celebrate this week!

Thanks so much for stopping by my website and reading my words.

xoxo Teresa

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