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Create This Simple DIY Creepy Mummy Hand for Halloween

Your mummy hand can be displayed indoors buried in a big bowl of candy to look like its coming out or outdoors as above


Are you starting to decorate for Halloween? This DIY Creepy Mummy Hand Decoration is a cheap and easy start, if you want to make some of your own decorations this year.

I’ve been thinking about the best way to make this for a couple of weeks now, and I came up with a method that would cost you up to maybe $5, but I had all of the materials, so it cost me nothing to make.

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Materials Needed for Creepy Mummy Hand

1 rubber glove

1 small rubberband

1 cup of coffee or strong tea (cooled)

1 pc of cheesecloth (approx. 24” long)

About 4 or 5 paper towels

Mod Podge

Foam paint brush


Instructions for Creepy Mummy Hand

  • Blow up the rubber glove. Sounds simple, right? This is the only tough part of this entire project! Doctors make it seem like it’s the same as blowing up a balloon, but it isn’t. Trust me. Put the entire opening of the glove over the outside of your mouth and keep one hand near on the opening as you blow into it. When you get air in there, you want to try to tie of the end (like a balloon) as soon as possible. Some air will escape, and that’s ok. If you have the basic hand figure, that’s all you need. I used a rubber band to also try to make the opening of the glove much tighter.
  • Brew your cup of coffee or tea and let it cool off a bit so it won’t burn you.
  • Stack your paper towels and cut them into approx. 2 inch strips
  • Place your cheesecloth and paper towels into a bowl and pour some of the liquid (coffee or tea) on them, just enough to get them wet. Then, gently wring them out, being careful with the paper towels so that you keep them in a stack.
The paper towels and cheesecloth after the coffee had been poured over them

  • At this point, I took the cheesecloth and the paper towels outside and laid them in the sun to dry faster, but they don’t need to be completely dry; it just helps make them easier to work with.
Cheesecloth and paper towel strips drying out a bit on my patio in the sun
  • Pour some Mod Podge out in a bowl and use a small sponge paintbrush to dab some onto a small part of the hand. Use the strips of stained paper towel to begin covering the entire glove. You can tear them off anywhere that helps you cover the clove easier. The entire glove should be covered with paper towels and also covered well with the Mod Podge.
Blue rubber glove filled with air and starting to attach the paper towel strips with Mod Podge
I had finished attaching the paper towels to the glove with Mod Podge and it was nearly dry
  • Let the paper towels and glove dry.
  • Next, cut the cheesecloth into approx. 2-inch strips. These don’t have to be perfect or straight.
Cutting strips of the cheesecloth the do not need to be perfect or evenly cut
  • Using the Mod Podge again, completely cover the paper towels on the glove with the cheesecloth. You can have some ends sticking out or pieces that look like they are unraveling. After all, you are creating a mummy’s hand, so it should look old and creepy.
Finished attaching the cheesecloth with Mod Podge
  • My final step was to throw some potting soil over parts of the hand. I wanted it to look like it was coming out of a grave, and it turned out the way I had hoped it would.
This was after I had thrown a bit of potting soil on the cheesecloth covered glove


There are several different ways you could use this hand as a decoration. If you want to decorate with it indoors, you could eliminate the potting soil and just make it look like an old mummy’s hand coming out of a bowl of candy. Just be sure to bury the end of it, so it looks like it’s actually reaching out of the bowl.

Another idea is to take some type of decorative-looking box and have the hand coming out of that. You could add some shredded paper or tissue paper to partially bury the bottom of the hand, so it again looks like it’s reaching out.

I’m going to use my mummy’s hand outside near the walkway up to the front porch. I got one of our Styrofoam headstones and made it look buried in the dirt. Then I poured some loose dirt in front of the headstone and buried my hand in that.

I’ll have to come back and add to this cemetery before Halloween.


Here’s an interesting bit of information about my home. We bought this 5.5-acre lot about 5 years ago. Out in front of our house is a small vineyard in a large fenced-in area with several giant oak trees that give beautiful shade. We originally fenced this area so that deer wouldn’t come in to eat all of our grapes and grapevines.

After the first year, we built a chicken coop out there and bought our first flock of chickens. The chickens are fenced in so that they are safe from the preditors, and they have tons of room to roam around the grapevines and hang out under the oak trees.

Behind our house is a nice, rod iron fence that sort of makes up our backyard, where we have a vegetable garden, an outdoor kitchen area, and patio with tables. We also have a lot of flowers, some in pots and some not. The fence is 6 feet tall and keeps the dogs in our yard and the deer and many other animals out, but we can still see through it and watch the animals that visit our property.

I’ve given you a basic description of our property, because there is something relevant to the theme of this blog post. Way back, in the far corner of our property is a 15’ x 20’ area that is surrounded by a chain link fence, and it has a gate so that you can go in or out. This area is a small cemetery, that has a few gravestones that go back to the late 1800’s and the most recent stone was put in in 1986. It was basically members of one family who, I’m assuming, were the first people to live on our property.

This is not an actual picture from the cemetery on our property but it looks very close to the real image

Some people think it’s kind of spooky to have the cemetery there, but I like that it’s a part of history. It’s actually a small plot on our land that doesn’t belong to us, and if that family wants to visit the graves, there is an easement that they can walk through from the landowners behind us.

When we moved in, it obviously hadn’t been taken care of for years, so we used a weed-eater and cleared out the area. We swept off the markers in the ground and the gravestones. We don’t use it as part of a Halloween prop because we are very respectful of those who are buried there. But it’s just a piece of history on our property that we think is very interesting.

I hope you enjoyed this mummy hand tutorial, and I hope you like hearing my own little piece of year-round Halloween that lives on the back of our property.


Thanks for stopping by my website and for reading my words. I enjoy decorating during this part of the year, and I love creating new decorations to try. I have some other video tutorials on my YouTube channel, as well, and I hope you will check those out, too. I will link a few of those below. If you like them and want to see more of my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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Enjoy your weekend! I am heading off to Hawaii for a week with my husband, so I will show some of the beautiful scenery through my Instagram Stories during the week. So, this week I will most definitely be celebrating the slow-paced ‘Island Life’. Can’t wait!

xoxo Teresa

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