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2022 Calendar

How can you expect to celebrate anything this year if you don’t know when the celebration is? What is the best kind of calendar for you to keep yourself organized? In this post, I will break things down for you by giving you some options for calendars to keep you organized so that you won’t miss any important dates this year! I’m also going to make some suggestions for calendars that I like, including 2 free printable calendars that I created.

Choices for Calendars:

  • Wall Calendars
  • Wall Calendar – Erasable Wet & Dry Erase
  • Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar
  • Desk Calendars
  • Desk Pads/Blotters
  • Planners (monthly, weekly/monthly, daily)
  • Pocket Planners (usual size 2.5” x 4.5” or 3.8” x 6.3”
  • Google Calendar (online)
  • Apple Calendar (online)
  • My FREE Printable Wall Calendar (click to download and print)
  • My FREE Printable At-A-Glance Calendar (click to download and print)

Calendars are systems we all use for organizing time – breaking things down by years, months, weeks, and, finally, days. There are many so many calendar options and people are usually very particular about the way we organize our time. I’m not going to give you a history lesson on the different types of calendars used throughout the ages (because that’s not what this post is about), but just as an FYI, the kind of calendar we all use today is known as the Gregorian calendar.

Since I’m a paper and pen kind of girl, I’m going to start with the paper calendars first, and at the bottom of my list, I will give two free examples of online calendars. Also, I have designed a FREE wall calendar and a FREE At-A-Glance calendar for you, so just click on the links above in the list of calendars to download and print them!

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The Wall Calendar

This is the calendar that most families have hanging up somewhere in a prominent, localized position in the home such as the kitchen. I don’t know what I would have done, raising three kids, without one of these, usually with very large squares to note school activities, sports activities, birthdays, vacations, doctor’s appointments, hair appointments… you get the idea! If you have a bit of OCD like I do, you might color code each family member’s activities in their own color. I know it sounds like over-kill, but it really does help with organization.

Wall Calendar

The Wall Calendar – Wet & Dry Erasable

This is the calendar we use at our office. It’s large, and you are able to see the entire year, and you can write on the calendar with a dry erase marker and easily make changes. We use this to show days the office is closed for holidays and to show vacations and appointments for our staff.

Erasable Wet & Dry Erase Calendar

Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

This is a great calendar if you have young kids. You can not only write on it and erase with the dry erase pens, but you can also use magnets on it to indicate birthdays, school holidays, etc.

Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

The Desk Calendar

Obviously, this calendar is meant to sit on your desk, and you usually turn the page each day or tear off the page from the previous day. Often these calendars will come with a joke of the day or a word of the day or a quote of the day. These are great for being able to look at anything you may have scheduled or planned for the day ahead of you, and they are also fun to read a joke or quote, etc, each day when you sit down at your desk. This “Dog Shaming” calendar that I have shown below looks like such a cute one!

The Desk Calendar

Desk Pads/Blotters

This is another great way to keep your schedule easily visible one month at a time when you are at work or at a desk in your home office. You leave it on your desktop and can make notes on it, schedule on it or even just doodle on it! At the end of each month, you can just pull off the top piece of paper and throw it away, revealing the next month.

Planners (monthly/weekly/daily)

Planners are more like a book that has different sections. There are pages where you can see the month ahead, and pages where you can see the week ahead, and often, a section where you can see each day and have ample room to write notes, times of meetings, addresses, reminders, etc. I live for a great planner! The more sections and tabs, the better! Yes, I realize it’s a bit of an obsession, but it keeps me feeling organized.

Planners – Monthly/Weekly/Daily

Pocket Planners (usually 2.5” x 4.5” to 3.8” x 6.3”)

These planners are small enough to keep in a pocket or your purse. They are a much smaller and less detailed planner than the planners I described above.

Pocket Planner

Now, for those who prefer to do everything online, there are two basic calendars that I think are easy to use, have all of the basic features that the average person needs and, best of all, they are FREE!

Google Calendar – https://calendar.google.com/calendar/

This calendar is free and available to use as a mobile app, on a tablet and online. It provides multiple views of your day, week and month. It includes guest invites, web access and more. You are able to safely backup data so you won’t lose the calendar if you lose your device.

Apple Calendar – you can access your calendar by going to: https://icloud.com/calendar  and sign in with your Apple ID.

This calendar is free. If you’re into Apple products, this is an excellent choice. It keeps all events synced across iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, etc. You can even integrate it with Siri.

We are already into 2022, and we need to get organized before things start to feel overwhelming. The key is to keep things written down (or entered online) in a place where you will see it every day. And, even better if your entire family can see the schedule every day. It helps with communication and makes missed appointments and forgotten meetings much less likely. We have a lot of things to start celebrating this year, so select the calendar(s) you want to work with and let’s get organized!

Thanks so much for stopping by my website and checking out my blog! Now that the holidays are over, I will go back to my more consistent schedule of two blog posts a week and one YouTube video.

Happy New Year!

Xoxo Teresa

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