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black table lamp with fairy lights, skeletons glued on it and a black cloth hung over it that looks like cheesecloth
The completed Spooky Halloween Lamp

Making the DIY Spooky Halloween Lamp

This Spooky Halloween Lamp that I’m showing you was fun to make, and almost all of the materials came from the Dollar Tree. For all of the materials, it was less than $10 to make!

My idea for this year’s Halloween Party is to have as few big lights on in my house as possible. I want to use candles, fake candles, lanterns, LED tea lights, and fairy lights. That’s where the idea to make a lamp came in.

I’m going to give you some basics on how you can make your own, but as I always say, use what you already have, when possible. This is the recipe for my lamp, but feel free to change any of the ingredients.

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  1. Using the spray paint, paint the dowel, rod, wire wreath form, plastic bowl, and plastic charger plate all matte black.
  2. Using the knife or scissors, make a hole in the center of the plastic plastic charger plate and in the center of the bowl. I used an electric drill and it made it much easier. You can see there’s a small crack on the plate, but once it’s all finished and painted, it’s not noticeable.
  3. Insert one end of the dowel through the bottom of the bowl. Put the charger plate upside down on a table (or the ground) and hot glue the bowl onto the bottom of the charger, with the dowel sticking straight up through the bottom of the bowl. Make sure you can feel that the dowel has been pressed all the way through the bowl and has gone through the charger plate under it.

Silver, plastic charger plate with hole in the center and small wooden dowel sticking out
Step 2 After making a hole in the charger plate we put the dowel through it
black plastic charger plate, upside down, with white bowl on tope of it and a dowel coming out of the bowl
Step 3 Glue the plastic bowl on top of the bottom of the charger The dowel should be going through the holes in the center of both the charger and bowl My photos show some of the parts not painted yet You can paint them ahead or wait until its together
  1. Hot glue a thick layer that keeps the dowel in place where it meets the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Take the wreath and tie 4 strands of ribbon or yarn and tie them from the second row of wire on the wreath to the same place on the opposite side of the wreath. Do this making a X shape one way and then another X shape, so that it creates a way to connect the wreath to the dowel.
top of a black diy lamp with purple yarn holding a wire wreath form on top
Step 6 and Step 7 Make sure you crisscross the yarnribbon and then glue it so it stays in place and Step

  1. Place one black dessert plate upside down at the top of the dowel using hot glue.
  2. Center your wreath over the plate and hot glue your ribbon or yarn to the bottom surface of the plate, so that it stays in place.
  3. Using the second black plate, glue it to the first black plate so that their edges are glued together to form a flat dome. (to hide the ribbon)
  4. Add any little ornaments or decorations around the edge of the wreath. You can use wire or hot glue.
wire wreath form with small halloween type ornaments hanging from the wire
Any small Halloween decor hanging from the wires will work
  1. I used some plastic spiders and glittery skulls to glue to the sides of the pole, and I glued the skeletons at the bottom so they are sitting on the charger plate.
  2. I took a small solar powered strand of fairy lights and spray painted the little battery pack part black, so it wouldn’t show up. Then I wound the light strand around the wreath.
Halloween floor lamp painted matte black and wire wreath
Lamp without the Creepy Cloth over the top
  1. Finally, I draped the Creepy Cloth over the entire top to make it look like a lamp shade.
Black Halloween floor lamp  with black cheesecloth hanging over the top.
The lamp placed on a small table

Any Questions?

I hope this isn’t too confusing for you. I’m really hoping that the photos will also help you out. This is kind of one of those projects where I didn’t really have an exact plan when I started it, but I invented it as I went along. That’s probably exactly what it looks like!!

I hope you’ll have fun with this idea, too. There’s obviously no right or wrong way to make this, and maybe you can think of an easier way to attach the wreath to the top of the dowel. The yarn/ribbon is the only thing I could come up with, so share any suggestions in the comments below. I would love to see them!

Some Video & Blog Post Suggestions

Have you ever seen my YouTube channel? I have a few fun Halloween videos over there, so I will include a few of them below. Take a look and see what you think. Please keep in mind that some of those videos were among my very first ones, and you will see how nervous and awkward I was feeling. But the information I gave was still really good, so I hope you’ll think so, too. There are more fun Halloween Decoration videos on my Celebration Elevation channel on YouTube.

As always, I’m grateful that you stopped by my website and read my words and saw how I made this crazy little lamp. Celebrate some fun Halloween traditions in the last couple of weeks this month. If you have young children, treasure the memories of the costumes they chose, and who cares if they don’t keep some of the costume parts on. Just get that one photo and be grateful!

Xoxo Teresa

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